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* Provides reliable, long-lasting energy * Maximizes fat utilization * Helps prevent muscle fatigue * Caffe Latte contains caffeine * Won best of MTBR award in 2005 and 2006 "I've been using Perpe...
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$ 103.00

* Provides reliable, long-lasting energy
* Maximizes fat utilization
* Helps prevent muscle fatigue
* Caffe Latte contains caffeine
* Won best of MTBR award in 2005 and 2006

"I've been using Perpetuem for all my rides over 2 hours and haven't been able to find anything that compares. It's the best stuff out there" -Nic G
How to use Perpeteum
Perpetuem - Usage Instructions
Use as a primary source of calories during exercise/competition lasting more than two hours.

Serving Size
One scoop of Perpetuem contains 135 calories.

Suggested Doses by Body Weight

Up to 120 lbs
(Up to 54.5 kg) Up to .75 scoop/hr Approx 101 calories
120-155 lbs
(54.5-70 kg) 1 scoop/hr 135 calories
155-190 lbs
(70-86 kg) 1-1.25 scoops/hr 135-169 calories
190+ lbs
(86+ kg) Up to 1.5 scoops/hr 202.5 calories
*These are estimated doses. Each athlete should determine in training, under a variety of conditions, their personal optimum.

Mixing / Usage Instructions
IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to potential spoilage issues, Perpetuem cannot be premixed and left for several hours in warm weather. Please read the FAQs on pages 42-43 for more detailed information on this important topic.
You can mix and consume Perpetuem three different ways depending on individual preference and logistical concerns. Please experiment with the following options to determine which works best for you.

The One-Hour Bottle - Mix the suggested amount of Perpetuem for your body weight (see chart above) in 16-28 ounces (approx 475-828 ml) of water. Consume one bottle hourly. This method is ideal when training or racing with a support crew and vehicle. If youre without a support crew, but still want to use this option for mixing, keep in mind that its obviously less convenient as youll have to stop more frequently to mix your fuel. Also, because you are trying to fulfill both hydration and caloric requirements from one source, you have limited ability to adjust one without affecting the other; you may need to consume additional water to satisfy hydration requirements.

The Multi-Hour Bottle - This is by far the most convenient method of fueling because it allows you to be self-sufficient for many hours, requiring only additional plain water along the way. The only limitation is how many scoops you can fit into a bottle. Determine your proper hourly intake of scoops by experimenting with the numbers from the dosage chart. Lets say youve determined through testing that two scoops of Perpetuem per hour is your ideal caloric intake. For a 4-hour workout, youll need eight scoops in a bottle, filled with water and shaken. You may need to add a few scoops at a time to get it all to mix well. You then nurse this bottle, taking small sips every 15-20 minutes. At this concentration, the water in the mixed bottle does not contribute much at all to your hourly fluid intake needs. To meet your fluid requirements, carry a second and possibly even a third bottle of plain water, use a hydration system, or know where you can refill along your route. Drink according to the temperature/humidity and your exertion level so that you consume in the range of 16-28 ounces (approx 475-828 ml) of plain water per hour. This way, as long as you can obtain water along the way, youre set for hours of hard training.

Gel or Paste - If you want to carry the highest volume of calories in the least amount of space, making a thick mix is your best option. Perpetuem can be made into a super-concentrated, near paste-like consistency and dispensed from a Hammer Gel Flask. Using a blender or bowl and spoon, mix scoops of powder with a small amount of water, gradually adding water as necessary to create the desired consistency. If you're using one of the flavored Perpetuems, remember that the heavier and more concentrated you mix it, the sweeter and stronger the flavor will become. You can also add Hammer Gel or HEED for flavor, if desired. Depending on how many scoops per hour you require, and how concentrated the mix is, each flask of Perpetuem can supply you with 2-4 hours of fuel. As with the multi-hour bottle, you must carry additional bottles of plain water or use a hydration system to meet your fluid requirements.

Special Note on Perpetuem: Perpetuem is a high concentration calorie source (via its complex carbohydrate, soy protein, and healthy fat components); therefore we have noted that many athletes do well with a substantially lower calorie intake when using Perpetuem as their primary-to-sole fuel. With this particular fuel we highly recommend starting with the lowest amount suggested-perhaps even a bit lower and work your way up to a higher amount, if a higher amount proves to be necessary via testing in training.

Important information:

By design, neither Perpetuem nor Sustained Energy contains artificial preservatives. Preservatives provide absolutely no benefits for athletic performance or general health. We consider them health hazards, in fact, which is why we do not include them in either of these products, or any of the Hammer Nutrition fuels. As a result of this, however, once mixed into solution, the protein component in both Perpetuem and Sustained Energy is affected in the following ways:

At some point in time it will eventually sour and no longer be acceptable for consumption.
It tends to separate after several hours and may settle on the bottom of a bottle or hydration pack bladder.
We believe that not having artificial preservatives in our products is far more important than these two inconveniences; however, they are factors that you need to consider when using Perpetuem or Sustained Energy.

With that in mind, here are some questions we frequently receive:


Q: How soon after I make Perpetuem or Sustained Energy do I have to drink it?

Q: If I mix Perpetuem or Sustained Energy and keep it in the refrigerator, will it break down any of the desired properties?

Q: I'm doing a full iron-distance triathlon, and the weather is going to be hot. I want to use Perpetuem for the bike portion. How do you suggest I mix it so that it doesn't get warm and unpalatable?

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